Achievements in school work

high satisfaction of the parents, students and teachers  
  • 90% of all parents would send their children to our school again
  • 84% of all students enjoy attending our school
  • 90% of all teachers enjoy working at our school
  positive aspects of our quality profile  
  • comfortable atmosphere at school
  • very clean and cultivated school
  • friendly, open-minded, tolerant and non-violent atmosphere
  • low number of teachers sick
  • number of absentee students below average
  • regular participation in competitions
  • few complaints
  positive aspects of the profile of education  
  • intensive use of apprenticeship and time for studies
  • systematic advancement of professional skills
  • purposeful and concentrated work of the students
  • undisturbed working atmosphere
  • clear structuring of the lessons
  • methods related to student interests and important topics
  • exemplary use of languages
  This assessment has been confirmed by SEIS survey, November 2006, evaluation-report of the school inspection November 2007 and SEIS-questioning 2008     Good results in the General Certificate of Secondary Education and the A-levels   Our high level of education ensures an extensive general knowledge. This is proven by the remarkable results our school achieved in the A-level examination of the last years.  
Examination Average of Tagore - School
MSA 2009 2,1
A-level 2009 2,4
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Namensgeber Rabindranath Tagore

„Leuchtende Tage! Nicht weinen, weil sie vorrüber, sondern lächeln, weil sie gewesen.“
Rabindranath Tagore