educational opportunities

2. foreign language from form 7
Spanish, French, Latin

  compulsory elective from form 8
French, Latin, Italian, music, arts, drama

  compulsory elective in form 9 and 10
biology/ chemistry, physics/astronomy, mathematics, information technology, music,
arts, drama, geography, history, German, English, psychology

  bilingual education in form 9 and 10
form 9 : geography in English
form 10: history in English

  course offers in upper classes, from 11 and 12
basic, advanced and extra classes in music and arts
basic classes in drama, classes in all foreign languages

psychology, IT, skiing class, surfing class
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Ziel aller Surffans in der Projektwoche – Pepelow an der Ostsee

„Im Wachstum des Lebens hat jede Stufe ihre Vollendung: die Blüte sowohl als auch die Frucht.“
Rabindranath Tagore