School curriculum of the Tagore School – Competence development

The restriction of school learning on professional learning is no longer sufficiently enabling students to cope successfully with new situations for the rest of their lives. Prerequisites for the lifelong ability and motivation to solve problems in every new situation are methodical, social and personal skills. These transferable skills are as important as the professional contents and they need teaching time.   The aim of our work is not the processing of a systematic technical agenda, but the optimal individual competence development in order to establish and expand the prerequisites for self-directed and self-organised learning among our students.   Therefore, an expanded term of learning is needed, including not only professional, methodological and strategic learning, but also social-communicative and affective learning, which involves both consistent and action-oriented teaching. This concept is part of our educational work.

In our school we set the following priorities:

  • 1. Educational content and technical skills In the area of training technical skills, we focus on:
    • Knowledge
      facts, rules, concepts, definitions …
    • Understanding
      phenomena, arguments, explanations …
    • Establishing connections
      relationships within faculties, interdisciplinary relationships
    • Assessing
      theories, issues, measures …
  • 2. Development of methodological skills
    • Mastery in basic learning and working techniques
      reading techniques, marking, excerpting, structuring, research, taking notes, working with flashcards, writing records, designing folders, writing reports, visualizing / displaying, planning and organising (e.g. preparation of class tests), desktop arrangement
  • 3. Development of communication skills
    • Mastery in basic conversation and communication
      free speech, keyword method, rhetoric (language and presentation design), argumentation, active listening, presentations and reasoning
  • 4. Development of team skills
    • Mastery in basic techniques for teamwork
      cooperating (rules for group work), integration, leading discussions, discussing/ debating, solving conflicts, presenting
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