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    Our music courses "Music isn't just learning notes and playing them, You learn notes to play to the music of your soul." (K. Greewood)   The teaching and learning of music in our department involves three domains:
  • Musical Practice,
  • Perception and cognition of music and
  • Reflecting on musical phenomena in different contexts.
In order to be available for upper classes, basic musical skills and music theory are primarily taught in class 7 and 8. Issues of music history reach from early history to the modern age and are integrated in every class. The analysis of compositions is mostly linked to practical musical activities, the latter comprising playing music in the classroom, arranging, composing and improvising. The aim of this combination is the development of a general musicianship and an overall understanding of music in in past and contemporary contexts. Thus, questions of music aesthetics and sociology of music are also discussed.   Musical practice plays an important role and is part of almost every lesson. It includes the development of basic skills on different insturments (keyboard, percussion, guitar), playing in bands or with the whole class, arranging music, singing and dancing. The combination of music with other forms of expression and vice versa (painting, literature, dancing) is also practiced.   Amount of music lessons per week
  • Class 7: 2 hrs
  • Class 8: 1,5 hrs
  • Class 9: 1
  • Class 10: 1
  • Classes 11-12: Basic course, Specialised course, Z-Course (only musical practice)
  Our school having a linguistic and fine-arts profile, pupils have the possibility to intensify their music education by choosing music as additional compulsory course (WPU) in class 8 and 9. Furthermore our school offers a large amount of extracurricular activities:
  • Choir
  • Vocalensemble
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Dancing
  In addition, the music department organizes the musical framework of the most important yearly school events, such as the foreign language festival, the Christmas concert, the Tagore festival week and the grant of the university-entrance diploma (Abitur).  
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