Collage Informatik

What is IT?

  IT is a science. It does not only deal with the handling of computers. IT are theory, technique and application of automatic data processing, storage and transmission of information in connection with computers. IT has emerged from mathematics and electronics.   Today it is divided into four parts:  
  • theoretical IT (mathematics, logic, algorithm, cryptography, …)
  • computer engineering (hardware design, robotics, …)
  • applied IT (database, graphical data processing, …)
  • practical IT (software engineering, operating systems, security, simulation, …)
  Concerning our school you can choose this subject from the tenth form. In the advanced level the achieved points per term will be part of the A-levels and you can take an oral examination (basic course) or in written form (basic course and advanced course). We support extra-curricular activities like e.g. the participation in the Olympics of IT of the OSZ-IMT and RobocupJuniorSoccer.  
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