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„The beginning of all science is the wonder that things are as they are. “ (Aristoteles)

  Home experiments develop skills of the students like fundamental activities of scientific instruction, observing, describing and explaining processes of nature.   Application of the method and communication training in technical instruction:   “Say it to me and I’m going to forget it: Show it to me and I’m going to remember: Let me do and I’m going to retain it.”(Confucius)   One focal point represents the independent work (EVA): Methods which get practiced are for example:   • systematic reading with the help of the three-steps method   • Structuring and visualizing   • expert discussion between students   The so called EVA-projects are highlights which take place every year. During these projects the students have to work in teams, solving problems on their own and “justify” their results at the end of the projects.   Applications in mathematics:   “The secrets of nature can only be read by those, who understand the language it is written in. And this language is mathematics.”(Galilei)   Already in the seventh class the students learn to evaluate experiments with the help of tables, graphics and equations, i.e. the using of mathematic methods.   Projects/Excursions:   “The aim of the project method is to reduce the distance between school and life, science and the job, theory and experience.” (Frey)   These projects are very important to improve their own responsible work, because important facts, like self-management, method- and social competence are practised.
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