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At Tagore-Schule one can learn Latin either as
a second language starting in year 7 or as a third language in year 8. The qualification in Latin is reached after successfully completing
(= mark 4) the Latin classes in the second or third term.

Why choose Latin

Antiquity seems to be in nowadays as never before. This can be directly seen in the great success of films such as “Troy” and “Alexander”.  In times of globalisation, the magic word of our time, it makes sense to acquaint grammar school pupils with the roots of European culture. Accordingly, Latin is the European language. Latin is the key to the language of science, technology and media. 75 percent of all German foreign words originate from Latin and 50 percent of the daily spoken English vocabulary has Latin roots, let alone its close connection to Romance languages Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romance.  The knowledge of the Latin language offers the best prerequisite for learning modern languages. Besides, German Latin-students are able to understand the grammar of their mother tongue more easily and enlarges their competence concerning their native tongue. Due to these facts Tagore-Schule aspires a closer co-operation between the subjects of Latin, German and all other modern languages. The department for “Teaching of classic languages” at Humboldt University Berlin headed by Professor Dr. Kipf, helps to achieve this goal. Moreover, Latin helps develop key qualifications like concentration, endurance, dedication, discernment and linguistic precision.  Even today many universities require a qualification in Latin or at least basic knowledge of it for different types of studies. To gain this knowledge at school constitutes a big advantage.  In order to understand the role of antiquity and the Latin language and culture for our times, course trips to Rome and Trier and to the competition “Roman Limes” take place at our school regularly. Furthermore, visits to the Pergamon Museum, the Bode Museum and other exhibitions intensify the work in class and offer a welcome change to the ordinary school routine.  
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