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At our grammar school lessons are taught according to the curriculum with three sports lessons from class 7-10.

  We are equipped with two gymnasiums and use the sports area next to our school building. In our sports lessons we often practise sports games, for example volleyball, football and basketball as well as athletics, long-distance running, gymnastics and fitness.     Also, we integrate tennis, badminton, unihockey or acrobatics into our sports lessons. We offer in forms 12/13 a number of courses next to sports.   The students can choose between athletics, swimming, gymnastics, gymnastics/dancing, handball, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, tennis and fitness.   Every year our school offers a ski course (form 12) and a surf course (forms 12/13). The school championship in football,volleyball and basketball are part of the school's annual internal competition. Regionally, we participate in the relay race and in the district in cross country running. Furthermore, we participate in football,basketball and volleyball competitions regularly.   For the less competitive pupils Tagore school offers a number of extra-curricular activities like basketball, volleyball, football, martial arts, badminton and rugby (for girls).
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