Educational principles

Instead of working mechanically through the agenda of the respective form, we focus on the optimal skills development of the individual to fulfill the qualifications for an independent learning process.
This can be implemented with the help of
  • small classes,
  • additional lessons in core subjects,
  • double lessons.
    The obligatory participation in "method training", "communication training" and "team training" will lead to the acquirement of fundamental work techniques.  
method training
  • reading techniques
  • marking
  • excerpting
  • structuring
  • researching
  • configuration/design of folders
  • flashcards
  • organizing
  • visualizing
  • work scheduling
communication training
  • speak freely/fluently
  • keyword method
  • rhetoric
  • questions
  • explanations
  • arguments
  • listen attentively
  • presentations
team training
  • rules for teamwork
  • integrating
  • co-operating
  • managing conversations
  • discussions
  • conflict management
  • presentations
  Schulisches Curriculum
Stundentafel Sek I
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Kommunikationstraining – Gesprächsführung will gelernt sein

„Unsere Taten müssen vor allem ein Ausdruck der Freiheit sein, sonst gleichen wir Rädern, die sich drehen, weil sie von außen dazu gezwungen werden.“
Rabindranath Tagore